Norfolking Way


Well ive been so busy recently I have had very little idling time. However, I did manage to take time out for a couple of days camping in Norfolk. I have to say, its a lovely place to idle around. This is one of my snaps from a aimless wonder around Horsey.


Lake Louise

If you want to spend a lazy morning I couldn’t recommend a trip to Lake Louise more. Its best to get there early, before the hustle and bustle that the hordes of tourists who descend upon this idyllic place bring.

If your feeling particularly energetic you should have an idle amble up to the glacier. Wrap up warm though and wear proper boots, otherwise you may do a mischief, and in the worse case situation suffer agonizing hours led on the floor until a bear finally eats you.

A Days Grasstracking

I recently spent an idle day in a field watching some people whiz around it on motorbikes. This is a way a like to spend a Sunday, and particularly enjoyed this one due to the fact I haven’t been to a grasstrack meeting in years. This picture was taken on the day. The racing was hosted by the Maidstone ACES grasstrack club. A good time was had by all.

A Folking Good Time

A Folking Good Time

I had a wonderful time idling the hours away at the Middlewich Folk and Boat festival this June. To anyone who has never been I urge a visit. Lots a good music was on show, including; clutching at straws, Sean Taylor (pictured), Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, and Thrill Collins. If you are looking for something new, musically, check these guys out.

The evenings at the festival were spent where any well minded gentleman should be, the pub. In particular the Kings Lock where I witnessed a performance of something new. A mixture of hard rock, folk and morris dancing by Shamus Oblivion and the Megadeath Morrismen. This is an act that has to be seen to be believed. They even gave out sticks for people to bash together while drunk and dancing. I was amazed to see only one bloodied head



Its about time I updated this blog. I do apologize to the few who follow, but work has been chaotic and left me with no free time until now. This is a photo of one of the cigar box guitars I have built, in fact it was my second build. Luckily when I wanted to take this photo the carpet was being replaced and gave me a rather complimentary background.

If your into your music I urge you to see one of these played by a master such as Seasick Steve. These were a traditional instrument, used by a lot of blues players in america, back in the days of when the players couldn’t afford a guitar. This one was dirt cheap to make as I like to use bits I find laying around in my dads garage. Its fully electric as well as I like a bit of volume.



Milford sound is an amazing place. Go there.

If your as idle as me you can get really busy there doing very little. I recommend the boat trip on offer there, as well as stopping off at the underwater viewing thing. Stay overnight if you can. That way you can board an earlier boat that will have less people on it. All the afternoon trips are busy with day trippers who all arrive around mid-day.

People who read my blog no I often come to a sticky end while taking a photo. Here was no exception. I was attacked by a horrible mob of sand flies. I think I lost 3 pints of blood!!!



Every year in Brisbane there is a festival. For part of this festival there is a lazer show on the river in the Southbank area of the city. This was were I found myself one evening with the intention of creating a river lazer spectacular photo. However, once I arrived I could see all the best places were taken, so I just watched. My next words may be controversial to the people of Brisbane. I was glad I didn’t photograph the show as I though it was about as entertaining as watching some Christmas tree lights that have one setting. To save some face with my Brisbane friends I will say the show from the year before was rather wonderful and this was just a bad year.

I left the area feeling a little disappointed at having not taken a picture of anything, and then I remembered this temple was in the area. So I visited it with a renewed vigor and was glad to see that is was beautifully lit in the evenings. I then got extra excited as I remembered I had just brought a fish eye lens for my camera. It was then a little cog turned in my brain and gave me the words, “fish eye HDR spectacular”. Im glad it did as I rather like this image.

I though I just add a note here for the people who hate HDR, but seem to have nothing better to do than seek out HDR on the internet to comment on how it isn’t for them. My note is, I hope you have dirty underpants on and get knocked down on the way home, (nothing life threatening, but enough for a quick visit to the hospital to enable you to die of the shame of your dirty underpants when the nurse hands them back to you).

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